Sunday, 28 February 2010

Some musical ideas

Hi guys,

Thought I would upload some music that might be inspiring or which could be used to accompany things happening on stage. Some pieces have a surreal or dreamlike quality, others sound rather nightmarish.

Here are four pieces of a German music collective called "Passierzettel". I was their drummer in the 90`s and three of the pieces are from that period:

Pz 1
Pz 2
Pz 3
Pz 4

I used some of my sound pieces for two short films I did last last year.

1.Uphill, Downhill and Across - The rhythmical structure of the soundtrack is based on three records revolving at different speeds (33, 45 and 78 rpm).

2.Bug and Lizard - A 4-track analogue recording with an old- Korg sound module as the audio source

Both of them could be extended or modified.

Additionally I suggest you listen to music by a chap called Giacinto Scelsi. He was definitely more on the surreal side of life than Dali ever claimed. Here`s an example of his music and four "Automatic Drawings" I did while listening to his "Quattro Pezzi for Orchestra".

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