Sunday, 7 February 2010



Space you are in on your own – performance solo
Room here inhibitions are broken down – inverting the idea of performance – preparing for a performance that never happens
Role reversal – musicians watching artist
Preparation tuning
Reflection – cleansing – cleanse – ritualistic
Water – transitional rights of passage
Material disjunction
Locking yourself in the bathroom – retreat hiding
Morning light – split bathroom in two?
Day mirroring bed-bath-kitchen


Transition between states - conscious- subconscious
Surround space in sound – disruption
Dark – light – conscious – subconscious
Expected transaction
High emotion
Disjointed thought during transition
Distortion & time
Dreaming – only dream when your alone
The dream machine – Byron Gysin
B&W – Colour


Food – gluttony – sex – sound of sex – sound of food
Feeding – feeding an adult
Fake foods
Listening to yourself eat
Peter greenaway
Extreme consumption
Matthew Barney
Egg timer – Sudden incursion of Normality
Out of synch


Snippets from every other room
Constant change and flux
Traces of things / people – most use most neglected
Fractions of movement – only part of the story
Emerging disappearing – snatches – sounds
Other spaces outlined by in-between spaces defined by
Womb birth - in-between space/ passage
Earth – afterlife – in-between in purgatory
Always in motion – transition
Space between wall – cavities between floor and walls
Cross referencing other rooms /glimpses
Performance element to in-between spaces
Objects within corridors i.e: laundry cupboard
Surreal house – in transition


2 groups split
Nostalgia, hidden histories
Retreat as children
Houses no people, so houses have other animals – animals – bats
Attic – basement head – feet
Fantasy world through small door / window
Vantage point , fantasy world
Places people don’t go
Systems compartmentalizing – archive
Subconscious – conscious – mental archiving systems
Frozen time
Ground – basement – depth
Narrative stories
Loft – insulated
Light – heat
Body as house

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