Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Workshop Ideas

In discussion after a little day out last Friday we came up with a few ideas for practical group workshops as opposed to the discursive meetings we have been having so far. The idea behind the workshops are that we create physical pieces that don't necessarily have to relate to the final piece but will develop our working practices with one another. The topics or titles (which are open to be added to or to have some removed) have been directly taken from the numerous discussions we have had about the 'surreal house' from various rooms. Also a number have been devised to develop our working practices with the Musicians. In conversation with a few of the Guildhall students, structures in developing music and sound pieces, by either themselves or other musicians, could be translated into the development of the visual arts and vise-versa which could spur ideas.

Ideas so far. . .

  • Mirror/Reflection
  • Transition
  • Found Image/Found Sound
  • Structure/Process
  • The Solo/The Duet/The Ensemble
  • Music driven visuals/Visual driven music

These are open to discussion, further added to or some removed. Where and when these will take place will also need to be discussed as it is important, no, vital that the Guildhall kru are able to attend.


Yours Chris x

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