Tuesday, 16 March 2010


It was great to see everyone on Friday and I enjoyed hearing all the ideas you've been working on.

It was also great to have Rob Dyer along to help with lighting. His contact details are:


07595 344 739

All the best


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Barbican Gallery Presentation

Hi - Clare here!

Here are a couple of documents you might find useful:

A PDF of The Barbican Gallery presentation:


The Pit Theatre plan (including the seating as it will be for the performance):


The other news is that I've just met with a Technical Theatre student, Rob, who is going to help out with Lighting for the event. He has already worked in the Pit which will be very helpful! He will be coming along to the morning session at the RCA on March 12th.

See you on Friday!


Monday, 1 March 2010

Thoughts and ideas by “Inbetween Spaces 2” group ( Fernando, Mehdi, Nilo, Ole and Thomas)

Our group was discussing the idea of “mapping” the stage by determining various spots that connect the “Inbetween Spaces”,. Each spot requires a particular kind of action, gesture and/or behaviour, which the performers (musicians or other) are free to interpret/execute in their own way. These spots, which will only be illuminated (and therefore be visible), if a performer is moving from one “connecting point” to the other. WHEN that will happen and WHAT event will set WHICH performer(s) into motion, still needs clarifying.

Mehdi suggested that “an image of a coridor” (or a passage, door, gate, stairway, escalator, ladder, veins, wires, holes, birth canal, corridor, hallway, mouth, ears, eyes etc. ) “or a sound or an act like singing or playing a line” could trigger it off.

Apart from that, the performer should be free to move to either one of the spots. This kind of “strategy” allows to control motion on stage to a certain extent without making the result predictable.

We were also revisiting the idea of the “Surreal House” as a place in a constant state of flux and change, which we all appreciated. But when we thought of the musicians, for example, moving across the stage with their “traditional” instruments, we all agreed that this would end up being to confusing.

So we thought of the musicians as actors who could act in a musical, visual and also dramatic way. The first idea that came up was to dress the group of people which belong to the “Inbetween Spaces” group in black costumes, which have a large white space in the shape of a keyhole (a keyhole looks like an abstract image of a body) painted on the front and which could serve as a projection surface for things that go on behind the doors of each room.
Then Nilo suggested that it might be better to have keyholes projected on static screens, which show moving image content when one of the rooms is featured.

When we talked about the musical side of the performance, we all agreed that we would rather have the musicians performing in a “musical” way, but utilizing objects that belong to the setting, instead of going down the familiar road of having them create a “soundtrack” to the performance.

Last but not least, we all seemed to find appealing the idea of the “Surreal House” as a living organism (house=body/body=house), in which the barriers between the “internal” and “the external” are blurred.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Some musical ideas

Hi guys,

Thought I would upload some music that might be inspiring or which could be used to accompany things happening on stage. Some pieces have a surreal or dreamlike quality, others sound rather nightmarish.

Here are four pieces of a German music collective called "Passierzettel". I was their drummer in the 90`s and three of the pieces are from that period:

Pz 1
Pz 2
Pz 3
Pz 4

I used some of my sound pieces for two short films I did last last year.

1.Uphill, Downhill and Across - The rhythmical structure of the soundtrack is based on three records revolving at different speeds (33, 45 and 78 rpm).

2.Bug and Lizard - A 4-track analogue recording with an old- Korg sound module as the audio source

Both of them could be extended or modified.

Additionally I suggest you listen to music by a chap called Giacinto Scelsi. He was definitely more on the surreal side of life than Dali ever claimed. Here`s an example of his music and four "Automatic Drawings" I did while listening to his "Quattro Pezzi for Orchestra".

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

If anyone didn't make the trip to the Barbican to see the space, you might be able to get a quick / shaky / little idea from this....

** Sophie **

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Workshop Ideas

In discussion after a little day out last Friday we came up with a few ideas for practical group workshops as opposed to the discursive meetings we have been having so far. The idea behind the workshops are that we create physical pieces that don't necessarily have to relate to the final piece but will develop our working practices with one another. The topics or titles (which are open to be added to or to have some removed) have been directly taken from the numerous discussions we have had about the 'surreal house' from various rooms. Also a number have been devised to develop our working practices with the Musicians. In conversation with a few of the Guildhall students, structures in developing music and sound pieces, by either themselves or other musicians, could be translated into the development of the visual arts and vise-versa which could spur ideas.

Ideas so far. . .

  • Mirror/Reflection
  • Transition
  • Found Image/Found Sound
  • Structure/Process
  • The Solo/The Duet/The Ensemble
  • Music driven visuals/Visual driven music

These are open to discussion, further added to or some removed. Where and when these will take place will also need to be discussed as it is important, no, vital that the Guildhall kru are able to attend.


Yours Chris x

Sunday, 7 February 2010



Space you are in on your own – performance solo
Room here inhibitions are broken down – inverting the idea of performance – preparing for a performance that never happens
Role reversal – musicians watching artist
Preparation tuning
Reflection – cleansing – cleanse – ritualistic
Water – transitional rights of passage
Material disjunction
Locking yourself in the bathroom – retreat hiding
Morning light – split bathroom in two?
Day mirroring bed-bath-kitchen


Transition between states - conscious- subconscious
Surround space in sound – disruption
Dark – light – conscious – subconscious
Expected transaction
High emotion
Disjointed thought during transition
Distortion & time
Dreaming – only dream when your alone
The dream machine – Byron Gysin
B&W – Colour


Food – gluttony – sex – sound of sex – sound of food
Feeding – feeding an adult
Fake foods
Listening to yourself eat
Peter greenaway
Extreme consumption
Matthew Barney
Egg timer – Sudden incursion of Normality
Out of synch


Snippets from every other room
Constant change and flux
Traces of things / people – most use most neglected
Fractions of movement – only part of the story
Emerging disappearing – snatches – sounds
Other spaces outlined by in-between spaces defined by
Womb birth - in-between space/ passage
Earth – afterlife – in-between in purgatory
Always in motion – transition
Space between wall – cavities between floor and walls
Cross referencing other rooms /glimpses
Performance element to in-between spaces
Objects within corridors i.e: laundry cupboard
Surreal house – in transition


2 groups split
Nostalgia, hidden histories
Retreat as children
Houses no people, so houses have other animals – animals – bats
Attic – basement head – feet
Fantasy world through small door / window
Vantage point , fantasy world
Places people don’t go
Systems compartmentalizing – archive
Subconscious – conscious – mental archiving systems
Frozen time
Ground – basement – depth
Narrative stories
Loft – insulated
Light – heat
Body as house

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Comedian Talk

Comedian Talk

For Macs and mania

Go to – apple

- System preferences
- Then universal Access
- Seeing
- Voice over / on
- Open voice over utility
- Speech
- Voices
- Default voice
- Hysterical
- Sidebar – sound
- Mute sounds

With Love
Briony Comedian I

Sunday, 31 January 2010

I try to find the unconscious logic that runs below the surface and look for the hidden wiring. It's as if there are all these strange lights and I'm looking for the wiring in the fuse box.
(J.G Ballard)

A quote Deborah Levy gave us for the writing workshop a few months ago.

the singing, ringing tree

also a film with the same name